Nearly every region in Macedonia  has own  characteristic  for  costumes and folk dances .  Luxuriance  from the same  gives an opportunity  to specialists to made the next  choreography, which are a part  from repertoire that we  perform.


Location – Kocani,
Dance composition – man

Character of the folk dance : Typical   man  expansive  folk dance  with  expressive balances  of  hops and strong move with the both legs. This is playing with big extravagance and audacity  in  particular moments with  loud shouts by the dancers.

Downland video: Osogovka (1.54 MB)



Location – Mariovo, 
Dance Composition – women

Character of the folk dance- Typical women dance with abstinent and dignified moves,   with expressive balance on body. That include  dramatic parts, like a  beating of the tatter and looking in the mirror, with which it’s presented  woman’s  preparing  who wants to show her beauty and gracefulness. 

Downland video: Tresenica (439 КB) 

Staro Tikveshko

Location – Tikvesh
Dance composition – man

Character of the folk dance : Typical man dance composed from five parts in which have gradation in the tempo from leisurely to hastily. The first and the second one are slower, and they are dancing simply with expressive balances and genuflections, and the other three parts are really hastily with hops , spinning round the body , genuflections on the both legs, and lying down on foots and hands.


Location – Macedonia,
Dance Composition – women

Character of the folk dance - Typical women   choreography , in which is presented  the old tradition, when girls go to village’s  fountains to fill water in the jugs. The choreography   abound   with mimicking, dramatic parts and vocal performance. On the beginning   is being   demonstrated  the way of carrying the jugs, which is slower , than the next  parts.  

Downland video: Vodarka (939 КB)



Location – Veles, 
Dance composition – man and women. 

Temperate-hastily dance in which  the end is the fastest part.  It’s decorated with leisurely moves  and balanced steps, then hops  with  low genuflections , it abounds  with mime, dramatic  elements characteristic  for  tinker -  like a tinning of the plates, cleaning the same, and  wiping  the tinker’s sweat. The old  trade  is presenting  with  solo appearance and song  of the tinker , and it is along with  songs and dances from the other dancers , like his own  assistants .


Location - Ohrid,
Dance Composition – women

Very attractive choreography with  moderate –agility , which gives special effect from women’s steps like they are connected  each other. The choreography showed the traditional way of whitening the linen on the banks on Ohrid’s lake, and trough the performance, with linens are making figures which offers  to the choreography special attraction and visual accomplishment .

Downland video:
 Biljana (592КB)

Prespa Dances

Location – Prespa,
Dance Composition -  women and men.

Character of the folk dance: In the choreography can be noticed different movements and quickness, this is one in which the women haul up hers leg more than usual in Macedonian folk. The performance is in some way a love competition between men and women in which the love story is lead across dance. This choreography end, is in compact with specific steps  which made attractive end.

Downland video: PrespanskiIgri (3.43 MB)

Преспански Игри


Location – Kocani,
Dance composition – men and women.

Character of the folk dance: Musician stage performance for centuries traditional harvesting. Temperaments folk dances offers cheerfully overtone of really hard activities while harvest time ,  which are presented. While you watch the choreography, you will notice that it’s about original chose  and presenting  of all ornaments which are part from the wonderful totality.

Downland video: Zetvarki (1.98 MB)


Location – Kicevo,
Dance Composition – men and women.

Character of the folk dance : This choreography synthesize: Svekrvino , Cetvorka , Malesora, Krstacko  folk dance. In all of them , with different tempo, are performed many elements with gracefully in moving , dignity and pride. There is emphasized the strong Macedonian woman , dignified , wise, diligent and at the same time, the Macedonian man like a strong , unbeaten , haughty , warlike, diligent, but and really talented for dance and song. All of that, fascinate the viewers , and also the dance competition made for they to stay without a breath.

Downland video: Kopacija (1.74 MB)



Location – Krushevo,
Dance composition- men and women.

Character of the folk dance: Komitsko like a choreographies  totality  it’s a kind of music play . With a lot of mimic and dramatic elements is presented the fight between the Macedonian nation and the ottoman Turks on melancholic way , so the viewers gets a sense  for preparing , fighting , and perishing of the  heroes  from the bloody battle. The leisurely tempo is characteristic for the beginning , but it increases , while is performing the fight. At the end in a whole darkness  is appearing Macedonian woman  with  candle in her arms , showing sadness for losing her dearest. Musician basic in that moments is fluttering  emotions , with having the shivers. 

Downland video: Komitsko (2.51 MB)


Location – Macedonia (Greece),
Dance Composition – men and women.

Character of the folk dance : The choreography is combination  from dancing and flirting between men and women. It started with leisurely rhythm  with women’s dance folk  and tenderly moves , and it continues  with men’s dance folk in which abundant steps with specific balanced on the weight and blowing on heel. The choreography ends up in really brisk rhythm, in couples  are performing attractive elements in accordance with musician brisk.



Location – Shtip,
Dance Composition - men and women  

Character of the folk dance : Very dynamic choreography in quick rhythm and quick steps. That’s a joint of many original folks like a Krstachko , The Eleventh and The Quintuplets with which the folk dance ends. The permeating of the glee gives a special characteristic in the moments of trashing and abusing between men  and women, but the expletives are frequent ant the showed the pride, self respect, and firmness of the Macedonian nation. 

Downland video: Istocna (1.29 MB)

Resen Dances

Location – Resen,
Dance Composition - men and women.

Character of the folk dance – Synthesis of the original dances, specific for  Prespa.  The steps and elements which are met trough the glees in the past for holidays and wedding. Cohesion of the quickly women’s and slowly men’s tempo, in many different rhythms of the folk. As  individual , in assembly of the totality , which is performed  like a result of the cooperation between KUD Tashe Miloshevski  and our colleagues from Greece and Albania in the frames of the project “Together for better Prespa” . The costume is really rare and it  replenish  the expression of pride , audacity and   intangibility.
Downland video: Resensko (888КB)

Ресенски Игри


Downland video: Cvekeberackite (1.64 MB)