KUD Tase Milosevski from Resen, Republic of Macedonia exist since 1945. There are many groups, which culture the old Macedonian glee and the folk art of Macedonian.With animation   of the folklore we started   with the youngest members who are from 6 to 8 years old.  The older members in their groups started to observe and to performance folk choreographies, so for the next differentiation they are ready   to take a part   on  kids hootenanny, where can get in, fourteen years old children.
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The ensamble  for national poems and dances used really wealthy and original traditional costumes for every folk dance which is performed.  The costumes are  with expressive embroidery and other ornaments,  with which the impression is deeper trough the our appearance on the concert programme.

In the association  take a part and works innumerable times  prize-winning Jone Eftimovski who own collection of original Macedonian folk costumes, which is really rarity , maybe and the one.This collection is exhibited in his own museum in village Podmocani. On this museum can to begrudge and the bigger institutions. The ablity  and selfless on this  man  can   give to us  oppurtunite   for presenting  his collection  on rarity  trough our performances. 

КУД Таше Милошевски

Our prespa-macedonian mentality, our heartiness, sociability,  give an opportunity to our wonderful area to swear brotherhood with many cities a round the world  ( Korcula – Croatia, Elverum – Norway, Egirdir – Turkey, Vegrov – Poland , Kraun Point – USA) and  in the rality to plant semen of our  for ages traditionality, and to keep the roots of our nation. KUD Tase Milosevski  seven years , traditionally from 24th to 28th  of September, successfully organize international  hootenanny which is called Prespanski Jabolkober.