Resen is community centre  and  a small town with 8 848  inhabitants ( list, 2002) . The community Resen  is been situated  in the south-west part  of Macedonia  in the Prespa’s  ravine. It’s  roundabout with  high mountains , Baba from the  East , Galichica  from West and Bigla  from the Nosrth side. The local command , dealings and important institutions are situated in Resen.

 Ресен - зграда Сарајот

The Prespa’s Lake,  the national’s parks  Galichica and Pelister gives  to a region specific beauty. The Prespa’s Lake,  is the second  in Republic of Macedonia .  It’s situated  on the south from the Prespa’s  ravine  between the mountains  Galichica and Baba with 835 altitude above sea level.

 Ресен - стара чаршија

The culture in  Prespa  has been date since the Neolithic, Via Ignatia  gets trough ravine over Rim’s Empire. Exist many monuments  of the art in the region. The most popular  is the monastery  in Kurbinovo built in 1191.The pottery is developed  in Prespa over the past  and it’s still  present  thanks to Resen’s  Colony of Cheramyc.
The Cheramyc  Colony  represent  the home of many world famous potteries, over the summer time  , every year.At the end do not forget the apple , post of the community life and the symbol of the community.